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Corporate Tax Accounting (Corporation Tax) is a tax specific to businesses. It is similar to income tax for individuals but without any allowances. Hartill Accounting Based in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham offer a first in class Corporate Tax Accounting service. Also known as Corporation Tax our team have many years’ experience in this field and we service clients across Birmingham and the UK both Small and Multi-National Companies.


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Our Corporate Tax Accounting Service Explained

Why use Hartill Accounting to do your Companies books?

What is Corporate Tax Accounting or Corporation Tax?

Corporation Tax is a tax that limited companies need to pay on their profits year to year.

Corporation Tax is a bit like Income Tax for companies, with a slight difference, where companies don’t have a personal allowance. This tax is calculated as soon as your business starts to turn a profit. Once this is done you will then need to start paying Corporation Tax at the Corporation Tax rate (unless it’s previously made losses).

How do can Hartill Accounting Help?

Our team are highly qualified chartered accountants with years of experience in corporate tax accounting (corporation tax) working with small one-person sole traders through to multi-national multi-billion pound companies. No client is too big or too small which makes our business incredibly unique. On top of this providing Accounting advice alongside Business and Marketing advisory means all of your business needs are taken care of in one place.


As the size of business and level of work dictates the costing an initial consultation is recommended where we will discuss with you your needs for the year and we can then design a specific bespoke package that works within your budget in order to deal with your corporation tax. We offer free no obligatory consultations.

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